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gel (shellac) manicure
Come and enjoy the convenience of gel manicure and go with long lasting shine. Exfoliant, hand/ arm massage. Custom designs 5+
Price: $30.00
affirming manicure
traditional manicure
Price: $25.00
minx pedicure
Experience this hot new look for your toes! while you enjoy a "pamper me moment " relaxing pedicure
Price: $70.00
affirming stone spa pedicure
Price: $65.00
affirming spa pedicure
Price: $55.00
affirming pedicure
Price: $45.00
buff and polish (toes)
Don't have time for a pedicure, but still want toes to look nice like your nails?
Price: $15.00
fullset (sculptures)
includes: hand/arm massage, hand exfoliant and custom
designs(polish). (price my vary for longer nails) Gel $5 and up
Price: $55.00
Overlay (Acrylic)
Acrylic applied over your natural nail
Gel $5 and up
Price: $50.00
fill in
Includes exfoliant, hand/arm therapeutic massage, custom
designs(Polish). (price may vary for longer nails) Gel $5 and up
Price: $40.00